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The In Stock Only module is a simple module that gives you the option to display only products on stock when you print out the product. You have the ability to disable the module and set label language for each language.

Added option

- search

- Categories

- Manufacturers

- special products

The module has been tested on the default template Opencart.

If you modify the module on your template, please contact me on the email below.



For OC version

OC 3.x

Installation OCMOD

1. Download Module, must be uploaded in the Extensions -> Extension Installer menu.

2. Then, press the Clear / Refresh button in the Extensions -> Modifications.

3. In Stock Only is added.

4. To set and activate In Stock Only, go to Extensions -> Extensions and select Modules from the drop-down menu.

5. Locate the module and install it, then go through the modifications and set the module properties.

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